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We first met working at the same restaurant. We worked together for almost four years and we didn’t even truly become friends until we had known each other about two years! Once we did start hanging out our friendship developed fast thanks to a discovered mutual love of The Office, New Girl and ghosts! We loved working together! Working in the restaurant industry allowed us many opportunities to work with wedding parties, catering, and bartending. We realized we work so well together that it only made sense to start JoSi Events together! We cannot wait for the opportunity to put our skills to the test to make sure your special moments are the best they can be!

Jordan Kempkes

 I am 27 years old, I am from Lincoln with a brief stint in Arizona. My dog and my nephew are the most important things in my life! I am also a huge nerd, I love going to conventions and enjoy any opportunity to fan out on all things. I have recently become ordained to perform ceremonies! I look forward to helping bring to life the perfect event and being your party ambassador!

Sidney Parks

Hi! I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with two degrees: Graphic Design and Advertising & Public Relations. After my sister’s destination wedding was canceled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic I knew I needed to jump in and help to plan a wedding in one month. This led to my love of wedding planning! From organizing vendors to designing wedding signage I enjoy all aspects. I want to help every bride and groom enjoy the planning process instead of it being a struggle. In my free time I like to redo old furniture, teach dance and spend time with my friends, family and of course my pup!


Favorite Color




Soft Baby Blue

Favorite Animal




Squirrel right now, it changes all the time

Car’s Name





Can You Dance


I could, I no longer have the knees!


In ballet-yes, on the dance floor-no

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